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The Incredible Musical Instrument Kit – Pocket Piano Arduino Shield

Did you know that there are over three millions of pianists inside the United States? According to the latest statistic, piano is the most playable musical instruments, which there are more than 30 millions of amateur, intermediate or professional pianists scattering all over the world.

Based on the ancient history, piano is founded on earlier technological innovations. The Persian traditional musical instrument, Santur is being known as the origin of the piano. Bartolomeo Cristofori was the inventor of modern piano. He was an expert harpsichord maker and owned acquainted knowledge on stringed keyboard instruments. The very first piano was built on 1698, made it the earliest piano of all!

Pocket Piano Arduino Shield

By the way, if you’re a pianist, then you might find the Pocket Piano Arduino Shield a magnificent device. Why? It’s because the Pocket Piano Arduino Shield is powerful portable standalone music synthesizer!

The users can plug the Pocket Piano directly into the Arduino board and provides multiplexed keys, four pots, status LED, reset switch, digital to analog converter IC and a RCA audio jack.

Honestly, the Arduino board is equipped with its powerful AVR processor. It provides a wide range of sound synthesis techniques to the users.

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