The Hypersensitive Radioisotope Analyzer

Earth, our lovely homeland, is a very beautiful and mystery place. It covers with assorted natural resources and elements. Most of the elements can only be traced, if you’re having a hypersensitive equipment, such as the Radioisotope Analyzer.

The radioisotope analyzer is a handheld instrument, which is used for identifying and studying sources of ionizing radiation. Basically, it processes the signal from a sensor named, “scintillation probe”.

Radioisotope Analyzer

The scintillation probe is often being used to analyze, store the data and produce a graphic output known as an “energy spectrum”. The users can identify the radioisotope, based on the location and amplitude of peaks within the spectrum of one component.

Frankly, this radioisotope analyzer can allow the complete system to be built in a handheld device. It includes the latest data analysis tools, the back-propagation neural network. This feature is for modeling unknown samples and comparing the measured samples!

In addition, the system equipped with the following components, such as:

  • A graphical display (graphics PICtail),

  • Buttons for the user interface,

  • An SD flash card socket (It responsible for storage of spectrum data).

The design is based on a high-voltage low-current power supply. It main purpose is to drive the probe and control by the PIC32 via PWM.

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