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The Human Area Network – It’s More Than You Can Think!

You’re an energetic and outgoing person that love all the outdoors extreme sports? You would like a calculate sensor that can measure how much of energy you’re burned during the exercise?

If you can’t find what you’re looking on the market, then it’s time to build your very own “Human Area Network”. Hold on a second, you’re wondering, “What is the uses of Human Area Network?” Good question! With this Human Area Network or it also known as “HAN”, you can measure the instantaneous acceleration in the three axes, where it’s being processed to acquire efficient curves and tell the user the energy he/she has burned during exercise.


Furthermore, HAN can be a pretty good home remote controller, such as:

  • You can use it to control the switch on/off the room lights by moving your hand from left to right,
  • Turning the TV on with a sequence of movement,
  • Control a video game (You can use your body as a joystick or speed wheel controller), and
  • Measure the daily calories intake!

The whole network is formed by a minimum of four peripheral sensors, where it placed in the wrists and the ankles that communicate with the HAN server unit.

In overall, you cannot even miss this interesting project at all!

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