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The Huge LED Display Ultrasonic Range Meter

Have you ever thought of building an ultrasonic range meter before? Oh, you think it’s hard to develop this tool, then you should spend a few minutes and read this on…

Frankly, ultrasonic range meter is a PIC-based project, where the heart of this stuff is PIC16F873. The ultrasonic signal, where is always received with the reception sensor is amplified by 1,000 times of voltage with the operational amplifier with two stages. It is 100 times at the first stage and 10 times at the next stage!


In general, the positive and negative power supply is being used for the operational amplifier, and the circuit will work with the single power supply of +9V.

Some of the parts that needed to make this ultrasonic range meter are:

  1. Sturdy case: You can make the case with the acrylic board.
  2. Variable resistor: It used to revise the error of the display by the change of temperature.
  3. Knob: You have to put it on the variable resistor.
  4. Sound horn: It is for the decrease the ultrasonic that being reflected at the thing.
  5. AC adapter: The power supply adapter to get DC +12V from AC 100V.
  6. Power Supply connector: The connector to connect the AC adapter.
  7. LED mount: It is for mounted the LED on the printer board.

That’s all, hope you’ll able to DIY your own ultrasonic range meter!

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