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The Homemade IR Light Dimmer V1 is Outstanding!

For those who are too lazy to get up and turn off the lights in the middle of night, this homemade IR light dimmer V1 can be your great helper!

Basically, it is a very simple IR light dimmer and it can be connected to existing home wiring installation inside a junction box, where it normally located above the light switch. You need to make sure that you’ve connected the dimmer to installation one properly. If you’re wrongly connected it, then there’s a very big chance of some unexpected accidents, such as the PIC microcontroller got burned out, serious fire or much more! Thus, you should pay highly attention on this matter and never underestimate the consequence.


Beside that, you also need to learn to remote control IR codes. Don’t worry about it, as it’s only a 5 easy step-by-step guide, where you can certainly master it in few minutes! By the way, during the programming procedure, you’ll notice that LED is blinking, even you didn’t press aby buttons on your remote control. This is mainly due to the reason, where you used TSOP11xx instead of TSOP17xx receiver module. As a result, you cannot program your dimmer accordingly!

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  1. I wanna ask, how to make it, sir.?
    I need a the pic of the electronic circuit
    thanks in add

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