The High Performance A 32-Channel Digital R/C Servo Controller

You’ve been looking and searching around the effective methods to build a cool multi-legged walking robot with over 30+ R/C servos, but the only downside is you haven’t actually found the perfect single controller to drive them all?

You’re a lucky person, as you don’t need to find it anymore! In this case, the A 32-Channel Digital R/C Servo Controller will be able to help you overcome the above problem.

A 32-Channel Digital RC Servo Controller

For your information, it’s not easy to drive the versatile servos, as it requires the generation of a potentially large number of stable pulse width modulation (PWM) control signals. Well, thanks to the A 32-Channel Digital R/C Servo Controller, it can handle all the details of multi-channel PWM signal generation. In the same time, it’s being controlled through simple commands issued on a standard serial UART.

Honestly, the combined strengths of an FPGA and an ATmega8515L microcontroller turn this project into a unique and ultimate solution for robotic applications.

The Atmel ATMega8515L is being used as the main part of the system, as it has the external memory bus that good to be used in interfacing with the memory-mapped array of 64 PWM registers inside the FPGA. It makes the whole controlling system becoming smoother and better!

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