The Greatest Things You Must Know About Arduino Nano!

For most of the home hobbyists, one of the most common breadboards to you must be the Arduino type breadboard! The reason why the Arduino breadboards are so popular because of its high quality and cheaper cost than other boards.
You can find Arduino Breadboard available in many types and the Arduino Nano is the smallest, complete and breadboard friendly of all. Arduino Nano is a fine surface mount breadboard embedded version with neat integrated USB on it. The Arduino Nano was been well designed and is being produced by Gravitech.

Arduino Nano has everything what Diecimila has. Plus, it has more analog input pins and onboard +5V AREF jumper. Maybe you will find out that power jack and power select jumper was missing in Nano. Well, since the Nano can be automatically sensed and switch to the higher potential source of power, thus it’s no need to include the power select jumper on it!
Another interesting feature about the Nano is it got the breadboard-ability of the Boarduino and the Mini+USB with smaller footprint, thus you will have more breadboard space here. Beside that, it also has a pin layout that works fine with the Mini or the Basic Stamp too!

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  1. wow I did not know it had the usb converter & the detecting the voltage source option nice design!

    In my pceeg design I need to regulate the power supply more & put dc-dc converters and optocouplers in it to make it safer for people.

    I think this design might be what I rewrap to do it. Too bad I can’t get the software rts line reset from the com port to work…

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  3. Usman Hanif Khan

    I am using Arduino Nano v3.0.
    i have used its serial monitor for serial communication.
    but i am not able to use its Pin0 (Tx) & Pin1(Rx) to connect to external hardware serially.
    can any one please guide me?

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