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The GPS-Based Universal Clock Generator is Incredibly Awesome!

If you’re on search for the GPS-based universal clock generator, then you can stop the searching right now, as today you’ll learn to DIY the tool for your own use!

Do you know that the GPS satellites and GPS Ground Segment are need an extremely high and accurate timing, which it is to allow GPS users to know their exactly position, as long as they stay on the Earth! Thus, the Rubidium and Cesium clock generators are normally being used and maintained, so it can synchronize and generate the signals that navigator gets from the GPS satellites, where is orbiting in the range of 20,000 KM.

There are many commercial systems use the same GPS signals to extract time marks or high frequency clock references with atomic-like accuracy. Thus, this tool also has gained its popularity amongst the amateurs and home hobbyists.

The microwave frequency counters and signal generators that you have in your home-labs will have the precise accuracy in the range of 10ppb (parts-per-billion) and without even relying on any external calibration facilities at all!

I hope that you guys will enjoy the GPS development project!

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