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The Genuine Combination of USB Keyboard with C64 Breadbox

People always kept most of the old stuffs in the storeroom. Actually, the old things can be reused, especially in the electronics projects to transform into an awesome device.

Honestly, if you’ve an old-fashioned C64 breadbox lying somewhere inside the garage, then it’s time to let it work again. Today, we’re going to build a C64 USB Keyboard, which is based on Objective Development’s AVR-USB firmware.

Basically, the C64 USB Keyboard is a very powerful device, as it supports for both ATmega8 and ATmega16. Here’s a best way to implement USB with the Atmel microcontroller, where the low-speed IgorPlug-USB on simple AVR-devices by bit-banging is the most suitable choice!

C64 USB Keyboard

Also, it’s pretty important to mention that the bit-banging USB solutions are not fully up to spec, neither on the hardware side, nor on the error handling.

Honestly, the Objective Development’s HDKeys that use to implement a USB HID-device, is the best combination with the IgorPlug-USB. You’ve to attempt to use the AVR-USB stack for implementing a game controller device. By using the HIDKeys application, it enables you to make the basic function work and allows keypresses to be sent to the computer instantly!

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