The Genuine Arduino Control Panel for Motorcycles

There are many electronic projects have been built based on the Arduino. You might have seen the Arduino Control Panel for Racecars or SUV, but have you ever heard about an Arduino Control Panel for Motorcycles? Yeah, it sounds like pretty amazing, isn’t it?

Well, today’s your lucky day, where we’re going to build an Arduino Control Panel for motorcycles. Before that, you should know that the main purpose of developing this arduino control panel is to measure various locomotion parameters, such as the speedometer, tachometer and gear indicator.

Motorcycle Control Panel

Although it’s still in the prototype stage, but it works perfectly without any hassle.

For this project, you have to prepare these following components:

  1. A standard Arduino,

  2. A small LCD, and

  3. Bluetooth .

Basically, the device is connected to the electrical system of the motorcycle to receive pulses from the tachometer and using a reed switch for wheel rotation. It starts to calculate the wheel speed in Revolutions per minute (RPM), divides it into most recent engine RPM and obtains a unique ratio for each gear!

It’s very a fun and interesting project, especially for all the motorcyclists out there! Build one, stick it on your motorcycle, and do the experiment by yourself.

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  1. where is code and circuit diagram as belong to above project

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