The General Types of Computer and Laptop Memory

Since the creation of computer in a few decades ago, this gadget has become one of the most popular and familiar household appliances. The latest survey had shown that seven out of ten United State citizens will have at least one or more desktop computers in their home and this statistic is increasing throughout the time!
Most of the people can even imagined without the existence of computer in their daily life and 90% of them thought it would be a damn boring life! From here, we’re noticed that how important the computer to human beings in present days.
For your information, there are many different types of computer memory available on the market. Then, how do you determine which types of computer memory is suitable to your computer?
First thing first, you should know there is a different between Random Access Memory (RAM) and Read Only Memory (ROM). The biggest advantage of using RAM is your computer’s data or files can be easily gained access in any order, while ROM is an integrated circuit that has already programmed with those specific data and it cannot be modified or changed according to your needs!

There are another three types of computer or laptop memory that you would like to know here and there are:
Serial Access Memory (SAM)
It’s an opposite type of RAM.
Virtual Memory
It can help the computer RAM to wipe away those unused applications and feeing valuable space in RAM for other applications!
Cache Memory
It is an extremely fast memory that is build into a computer’s central processing unit (CPU). Its main function is to store instructions, which are repeatedly required to run programs and improving overall system speed!
Guys, hopefully you all had learned something useful about the computer memory and it’s time to apply the knowledge into a practical action in your daily life.

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