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The Finest Computer-controlled LED Lamp

Are you being bored of the same old desk lamp in your living room or bedroom? Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have a magnificent desk lamp, which it could change color constantly, for example it flashing red when you receive an e-mail from your friends or colleagues?

Or even better, that it pulls weather reports from the internet and translates the forecast temperature to a certain color? It could add some white flashes, if thunderstorms are forecast or when your phone is ringing, it could flash green if it’s a friend/colleague or red if it’s your bossy employer (WoW, doesn’t it sounds like a “Red Alert” here? lol)

Well, this computer-controlled LED lamp is a very simple and easy to develop project. The simple Python and C programs for your PC or Mac have been provided, so it will allow you to program color patterns into the lamp without a further modification.

There are enormously bright LEDs, where it is bright enough to be used as lamps. Normally, they also come with three emitters, red, green and blue on a single module, and space is closely enough that the color mix.

The whole project should cost under $200 US dollar, where this cost is 2 times lower than the market prices! With all the awesome features, it’s definitely worth the money back, isn’t it?

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