The Fantastic Arduino to 3D Studio Max

Arduino have been a very common electronic component in this 21st century. As a home hobbyist, it would be a shame, if you haven’t heard this magical word, “Arduino”.

Honestly, it’s very hard to imagine, as we can do tons of electronic projects, by only using a simple Arduino. By the way, for those who want to try the 3D application, then this 3D Studio Max or 3DS is absolutely the best of all.

Ok, some of you might be imagined, “How could I transfer the data from the Arduino to 3DS?” For your information, the 3D Studio Max has a very nice SDK and it’s quite easy to control it.

Arduino to 3D Studio Max from melka on Vimeo.

Psst…, there is a good way to control objects. Did you know that by using the track view option, you could assign different type of controllers to the various properties of the object you want to control?

Furthermore, the 3DS have different inputs to allow motion capture, including Mouse, Keyboard, Joystick or MIDI.

However, there is a little bit drawbacks for the 3DS, where the CC messages are only 8 bits (128 values). Apart of it, the 3DS is definitely a marvelous 3D application!

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  1. Bisnis dan pengalaman

    i think its a good program here

  2. Good job man.
    I wonder if you could share how you did to fix c# and maxscript to learn.

    Marvelous video.
    Sincerely yours,

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