The Electronic Whoopie Cushion Deux – The Best Prank to Humiliate Somebody!

You’re a very humor person and you love to do something different to cheer someone up from the boring life? If you did, then this Electronic Whoopie Cushion Duex would be the excellent choice!

Basically, it’s a device that built in a rubber bag with an opening on one end. The opening is working as a valve, which is allowing the air to be flowed into the bag, but restricted flow out of the bag. Normally, the bag is placed under a seat or between the cushion of a sofa.

When a person is sitting on the chair, air is being forced out of the bag through the opening. The above mechanism will cause the bag to emit an embarrassing noise (It sounds like the person is farting).

Electronic Whoopie Cushion Duex

It isn’t hard to develop this fun stuff, all you need here is an MC33794 e-field sensor IC and a specially designed seat cushion sensor. Furthermore, you’ll need an MC68HC908QY4 microcontroller, as it helps you to sense when someone sits down or gets up from the sofa/chair!

Honestly, this Electronic Whoopie Cushion Deux will be able to create the best prank, no matter at your office or home!

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