The ECE 576 Paint Brush Application is More Fun than MS Paint!

The Microsoft Windows operating system is a very good platform, as it provides many small useful features, such as the notepad, wordpad, calculator, paint and much more.

Honestly, the Microsoft Paint is one of the brilliant tools of Windows. For using this feature, we don’t have to be a expert/professional, unlike the Photoshop/Dreamweaver, which we must acquired certain illustration skills, before we can operate them smoothly!

Today, we’re going to build a ECE 576 Paint Brush application, which is far better than the Microsoft Paint. Well, the main objective of this project is to display the application on the VGA and use the mouse to draw different figures on the VGA.

ECE 576 Paint Brush

You have to interface the mouse through the USB port – ISP1362 of the DE2board. Normally, the driver for the USB mouse is implemented in software using the NIOS II IDE.

Unlike the Microsoft Paint, the complete functionality of the ECE 576 Paint Brush application on the VGA screen is done by using various graphics algorithms.

There are two different algorithm patterns, which as:

  1. Bresenham’s algorithm – It’s for line and circle drawing.

  2. Edge fill algorithm – It’s mainly for detecting the edges of a closed figure and filling color inside its boundary.

The great part about this ECE 576 Pain Brush is the functionality of each icon on the tool bar is displaying on the LCD, when is being clicked by user.

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