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The Easy to Develop Quickie Servo Tester

Do you have any difficulty to test out the capabilities of modern servos? If you did, then would you want to get rid of this problem? Well, in this case, you might have to check out this Quickie servo tester.

This servo tester is based on an ATMEL AT90S2343 MCU with 8 pins. Those advantages you use this MCU because it has 2k of flash program ROM, 128 bytes of RAM and 128 bytes of EEPROM. It has a lot of power in a little 8-pin package and five I/O pins (You only need to use four out of five I/O pins for this project).


By the way, there’s one thing you should beware here. The Atmel AT90S2343 REV F ICs might have a bug in them. During a cold start, the VCC voltage can instantly dip below zero volts and the MCU might mistakenly read its fuse bits and set itself to run off an external clock. It can be a serious problem, if you use an AC power supply to provide 5v for the MCU. However, it won’t encounter any problem, when you’re using a 5v battery to supply power to it!

Hopefully, this project will keep you busy in this weekend…

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