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The Easy-to-build TV Remote Lightdimmer!

You feel like all the lightdimmer is too ordinary and you would like something even more special here? Hmm…, maybe this wireless controlled lightdimmer with TV remote function is what you’ve looking for!

The great thing about this lightdimmer is it built by a shaded lamp, where it can be switched on and off by the normal way, or you could control the dimming of the lamp more or less with your TV remote control! So, when you’re switching the power on, a soft-start will be happening until the lamp burns at the previously adjusted dim level.

If you want to dim the lamp, either to turn it more or less bright, you can get it done by pressing the ‘0’ button in the TV remote control. When you pressed button ‘1’, it starts to dim directly to the adjusted start-up level.


With the TV remote control, you can adjust maximum level by keep pressing the ‘P+’ button from the remote control, or ‘P-‘ button for decreasing the maximum level to minimum level. And, if you want to reset the default values, then just pressed the MUTE button continuously!

You should remember that no matter which systems on the remote control is chosen, the ‘0’ button always worked in the TV-mode.

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