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The Easy-To-Build Serial Port IR Transceiver

For those of you that always involved yourself with the IR transceiver, you must know how annoying when it cannot even transmit and receive infrared signals as it should be…

Thus, for overcome this matter, you’d better DIY a more powerful Serial Port IR Transceiver, rather than just pick out the money from your wallet and buy it at the electronic store!

Firstly, you should use the PIC12F508 microcontroller as the main brain of this project. Why? It is because it is an Air-Byte transceiver, which is actually a tiny 8-pin PIC microcontroller. The another reason of using this PIC is it can simply monitors the GPIO, 0 connected to the PC serial port TX pin #3. As a result, when this pin transits from logic low to logic high, the PIC12F508 microcontroller will generate the 40 kHz IR carrier. During the low periods, the carrier is mostly in the suppressed condition.

Thus, this will provide a simple method for the IR to receive those serial data on one pin, and then outputting the serial data that are being received on another modulated at the IR detectors band-pass frequency. It’s definitely a very simple and effective method!

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