The Data Acquisition and Logging System Based on AT89C51

Do you ever get involved with the data acquisition and logging system? For those that have didn’t familiar with the data acquisition and logging system, it is a device that has been specially designed to measure and log some parameters. The main purpose of the data acquisition system is analysis the logged data and improves the object of measurements.

Most of the data acquisition and logging system is electronic based, where it can be made of hardware, software or both of them.

Let’s pay your attention on this project. The data acquisition and logging system is based on AT89C51, where it’s a microcontroller project log the temperature system. It can be used to monitor and control environment temperature.

The things should know about this project is although it’s controlled by AT89C51, but it managed to control the status and temperature date saved to PC via serial communication without any hassle! Eight temperature sensors are connected to this project, where four of them were shown in diagram for simplicity.


You can easily detect values of all the sensors, as the software “DAQ System” takes the values and show them on its front panel. Furthermore, the high limit and low limits are for the alarm, where the alarm will turned on automatically, if the temperature went above high limit or below low limit!

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  1. i cant get the VB file of data acquiisation system

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    i want data acquisition and logging over lan documentation

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