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The Cute Little Smart Library – Contre-Bargraph!

If you having a job that always require you printing all those company’s bargraph all day long, then you must be very interested about this Contre-Bargraph gadget!

For your information, this cute little smart library will allow you to generate up to 8 special characters for the HD44780 compatible alphanumeric LCDs, then you can use them to print the bargraph whatever you want.

Basically, the idea is to use 8 special characters to create pseudo-graphics on an alphanumeric matrix 16X2 LCD. The pseudo-graphics you’re about to generate here represent a 16-char bargraph, which it is originally used in a simple boring project that involving temperature measurement and PIC16F877.

By the way, you need to have a LCD driver to provide the main LCD functions, because the bargraph code only uses the ‘set cgram address’ and ‘write’ commands. This LCD lib uses delay functions that should be provided somewhere by your compiler or toolchain as an example or a lib.

Also, please remember that the driver itself has to use chip-specific functions, where it’s the least portable part here.

Lastly, most of the comments are in doxygen format, therefore you just need to configure and run it in the lib* directories to have a quick documentation!

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