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The Creative Solar Powered Hidden Observing Vehicles (SOPHOCLES)

Those of you who involving in the design fields knows that it’s highly important to keep your creativity up all the time! Without the creativity, you’re more like to be kicked off from the job…

In the electronics world, you also need to come out with brilliant idea, and invent some incredible devices that can benefit other people!

In this case, the Solar Powered Hidden Observing Vehicles, or also known as “SOPHOCLES” is a very good example of the combination of creativity and usability!


For your information, SOPHOCLES is a sophisticated yet small robot system, which is mainly designed for watching purpose. It has a detector that can be used to look for poisonous gases or sticky air.

The motors bring the robot to hidden places, where the built-in camera shows pictures of these dangerous areas. As a result, the radio displays the information about the detected materials.

In addition, you might want to use the SOPHOCLES to control the robot, and how the solar cells spend power for missions, which is requiring low-power intermittent operation.

Basically, the robot has two main operation modes: The Autonomous mode and the command mode. The autonomous mode is powered by the implemented artificial intelligence of each robot, while an operator controls the robots, if you’re switching it into the command mode!

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