The Coolest Arduino Entry System Without Using Any Keys!

The economy has currently fallen in the slump and there are over million of people all around the world loss their job, due to this economy crisis!

Every time when the economy is moving in downward position, the criminal rate will be accelerated in opposite way and it’s going to be skyrocketing. That’s why most of the citizens like you will live in cautious and frightening of being robbed all day long.

Instead of living in fear and unsecured condition, why don’t you do something to overcome the problem? Yep, all you need here is a keyless entry system.

Basically, this keyless entry system is using the Arduino. Some of the components that will be used in this project are a high-torque servo (You should better choose the Hitec HS-705MG, which it only cost you about $30) and a microcontroller to engage the servo when the correct pattern is inputted.

To make this project even more fun, you might consider using a secret knock detected with a piezo on the inside of the door, but the knocking can be heard in the same time.

By applying this keyless entry system on your main entrance, it will at least ease your tension and worry down. You will have a good night sleep after it!

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