The Compact Wind LCD Meter

Where do you live? If you living at place that always have strong wind current, then you must check this compact Wind LCD Meter out…


As you can see on the above figure, it’s actually a very simple interface to the windmill power storage (It would be awesome, if you can test it with the windmill). There’s a button for the user to toggle and getting the current voltage or percent charge on the stored energy in the windmill battery. In order to conserve the power, the unit is controlled by a toggle switch rather than always be on.

The whole system is based on an ATMega32, where is also the main core of the AvronicsKit. By using the onboard ADC, the system samples the voltage across the inputs. The voltage reading is converted into a binary coded decimal (BCD) percentage. Then, the results will be displayed on the LCD.

Although the LCD uses the common hd44780 compatible controller, but it does require 8+3 I/O lines (8 data, 3 control). You don’t have to worry about it, as the ATMega32 is much more powerful than what is needed.

Hope you’ll have a fun time with this wind LCD meter!

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