The Cheapest PIR Camera You Have Ever Seen!

You’re looking for a simple automatic motion-detection digital camera, however you cannot find the right one that suits your need? Well, maybe you should have a peek on this PIR Camera, as it’s one of the cheapest PIR Camera kit on the market currently!

The specialty about this PIR Camera is it has two different parts: The camera module and the PIR sensor module. Normally, the sensor detects every movement in a room. During the observation, it will take at least a burst of 10 photos with the digital camera. Each of the photos is taken at 0.5sec interval.


After first 10 photos, the camera has to standby 3 seconds, before it continue any further movement. And, if the sensor detects some new movements in the room, then the process is going to repeat over and over again, until it reaches 80 photos!

All of the photos that have been taken can then be downloaded into your PC via the USB connection on the board for viewing. During the process, you can cut or delete any photos of movement that you didn’t want instantly through the PC!

With less than USD$38, you can grab this incredible PIR Camera back to your home and start the fun immediately.

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