The Bizarre Yet Fun Hacklab Toilet

You’re a loyal Twitter fan and you couldn’t get enough with it? Although it might sounds a little bit crazy, but some of the people really don’t want to miss even a single chat/message on the Twitter! If they’re given the choice, they will probably Twittering, even they’re inside toilet.

Well, if you don’t mind and would like to post to Twitter in toilet, then this Hacklab Toilet is the idea device that you must equip on your toilet!

Here’s how the Hacklab Toilet concept: Every time, when you’re flushing the toilet, it will post a message to Twitter automatically.

For making this Hacklab Toilet, you need the following components:

  • An Arduino Duemilanove,
  • An Adafruit Ethernet shield,
  • WIZnet Ethernet module,
  • Mercury switch,
  • Perfboard,
  • Wires,
  • Cables and so on.

Ok, first of all, you have to assemble the Arduino Ethernet and the WIZnet module. Just plug in to it, then attaches them to the arduino. As you can see on the below figure, the arduino is wired to the wall complete with power and Ethernet.


After it, you must use a small bit of perfboard and wired up a mercury tilt switch and two resistors. By the way, remember to wrap the board with switch in tape to prevent it from shorting on the metal flush power. It would be better, if you use a zip tie and a piece of string to tie it on.

Each time, when you’re flushing the toilet, the switch will be activated. Voila, a message is posting on the Twitter instantly! Sounds cool, isn’t it?

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