The Best Three in One Electronics Components That Has Ever Create!

Have you ever thought of combining the three different electronic components together? If you have not done it yet, then you should try it because it’s a fun experiment indeed!

The three electronics components that you’re going to combine would be 50 MHz frequency counter, voltage meter and SWR/PWR indicator. This is a very cool project for all hobbyists.


Basically, it’s a PIC16F876 based 4-digit LED frequency-counter and voltmeter. Don’t underestimate this stuff, as it is capable of driving 4 digit LED display in multiplexed mode while measuring frequency, power supply voltage or handle two analog inputs at once to display SWR/PWR signal strength in a bargraph!

As a result, it doesn’t need any external LED display driver-chip or external data EEPROM, since it’s already implemented in PIC16F876. When fewer chips are being used in the project, the whole project will become smaller as well!

There is a push-button in the operating mode, where it allows the user to choose between the frequency, bargraph or supply voltage to be displayed. Furthermore, the frequency display mode can also be changed with longer push-button pressing timing (For this purpose, you need to press more than 1 second!). Thus, the default display mode after power-up can be changed in the set-up menu, since the set-up menu is entered at power-up!

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