The Backpacker’s Treasure – Backpack Water Level Monitor

People enjoy different types of activities in their free time. Some love to spend their time on the indoor activities, while other might find outdoor sports are more thrilling and exciting!

If you’re one of those that enjoyed the outdoor activities, then you should keep yourself prepare with this backpack water level monitor!

For the extreme hikers, they have to face many possibilities during the hiking expedition. The most and crucial thing is to make sure themselves didn’t have the dehydration in the journey, as it might cause fatal if this happened in the middle of nowhere!

Hence, it’s extremely important to bring an ample water supply in a backpack. However, the hikers always faced the difficulty, where they didn’t know how much water is left inside the backpack’s bottles!


Well, thanks to the advent technology, now the backpack water level monitor can be your personal assistance. The main purpose of it is to gauge the water level in backpack, where the monitor is regularly measures the water level and display it when the user presses the button!

Beside that, it keeps track of how quickly the level drops and displays an estimate of the number of hours remaining at the present consumption rate. Let’s say, when the level drops below a guideline, a beeper is beeping and warns the user about the low supply level.

The project is built around a modified version of the Motorola board, which is containing the MC33794 e-field sensor, MC68HC908QY4 MCU and a MAX232 serial interface!

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