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The Awesome and Cute AVR-based Programmable LED

Programmable LEDs are those projects that have been fully-programmed with numerous LEDs. In this case, the idea is to make the LED blinking sequence reprogrammable. Basically, the reprogramming can be easily done with light and shadow.

PIC-based Programmble LED

Today, you’re giving the chance to build an awesome yet cute AVR-based Programmable LED. Before you’re building a programmable LED, you must first prepare the following materials:

  • Two 1K resistor

  • A Light Dependent Resistor

  • A Low Current LED (1.7V, 2ma)

  • An Atmel ATtiny13v, 1KB flash RAM, 64 Bytes EEPROM

  • A CR2032 (3V, 220mAh)

  • Soldering iron and wire

  • Breadboard

  • AVR programmer

  • 5V power supply

  • Multimeter

The reason why the ATtiny13v is used because this version is able to run at 1.8V. In this case, it is possible to run the circuit with a very small battery. If you want it to run for a very long time, you might want to use a low current LED, which is able to reach full brightness at 2ma!

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  1. The title says “PIC-based” and the tool-tip on the picture says “PIC-based”. Did Microchip buy Atmel and the AVR line while I was sleeping???

  2. Thank you for notice. That was a rude mistake. 🙂

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