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The Automatic Arduino Powered CD Changing Robot

People always have some special project that they want to do in his/her life. For most of the home hobbyists, it’s nothing more exciting than build up the incredible projects!

If you think it’s hassle to change the CD by yourself, and you want a helper to assist you, maybe this Arduino Powered CD Changing Robot is the perfect choice.

Think it’s impossible to build the Arduino Powered CD Changing Robot? Well, don’t worry, as I’m going to tell you step-by-step on how to create this amazing stuff.

Arduino Powered CD Changing Robot

First of all, you have to fully understand the basic concept. Go and find an arm, which can swing up and down, as it will be mounted on a platform that rotates 180 degrees. On the tip of the arm, there’s two vacuum aided suction cups and some tubing.

After it, the arduino calls the shots and telling the servo where to go. Beside that, it controls the vacuum pump and the CD tray. You have to connect to the motor shield.

For your information, the arm pick will automatically pick up a CD, the platform rotates and stopping in front of the tray to drop the CD. By the way, the motor shield is used to beef up an Arduino, so it can drive the servos!

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