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The Astonishing POV Propeller Clock

Could you guess which the most common household gadget is? Well, believe it or not, according to the survey, clock is the most familiar gadget in every household (It wasn’t a surprise, isn’t it?)

However, up to 90 percent of clocks are usually designed in a very boring style. Well, if you’re getting bored with it, and you like something more spiffy here, maybe the POV propeller clock is going to light up your life!

POV Propeller clock

For this project, one of the biggest problems is to find a motor. First of all, the motor need to be very silent and has the ability to make more than 25 turns per second! In addition, the motor that being used must able to transfer the power from the clock circuit to the POV PCB continuously.

Beside that, those components you’re needed for this project are:

  • Ball bearing (It’s for holding the top end of the motor).

  • A .047F capacitor (It keeps the PIC powered up and allows you to set the time).

  • A miniature 3V lithium watch battery.

  • A Zener (It regulates the voltage from the armature of the motor to 5V for the PIC).

This project is truly outstanding, and can be a very good futuristic décor in your house as well!

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