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The Artistic and Retro Arduino Binary Clock

You’re highly interested on the retro or antique stuffs, and you just can’t hold back, especially when you see the gorgeous artistic things? Well, in this case, you might discover that the Arduino Binary Clock is definitely suits your need!

Arduino Binary Clock

Let’s have a closer look on the Arduino Binary Clock above. Isn’t it gives you a retro yet artistic feeling?

Well, it seems to be a very hard and time costing project. Believe it or not, you’re only need to spare about 4-5 hours and you can finish the Arduino Binary Clock instantly!

For the project, you’re encouraging to use the surface mount, instead of using the through hole LEDs. Furthermore, it’s a wise choice, where you can use a surface mount voltage regulator, capacitors and resistors. For your information, the surface mount components are 20 – 25 percent cheaper than the ordinary components did!

Before you’re starting the project, always remember to build an Arduino onto a protoboard first. It made the process easier, especially when you want to fit into the clock case!

After you’ve put all the circuit together, it’s time to use Arduino sketch to get the clock functions working. For muting the blue LEDs, you can cut a piece of translucent white acrylic and fit over the circuit board.

The last but not the least, you have to cut a piece of wood to hide the electronics in the lid. It would be a plus, if you’re an expert in woodworking, as you can curve some beautiful patterns on the box!

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