The Arduino Sonar Buzzer Bring More Fun to Twitter Users!

Twitter has become increasingly popular recently. According to the latest survey, there are more than 4 million diehard Twitter users from all around the world in 2008! The number is expected to be increased steadily in upcoming years and some even predicted that it might surpass FaceBook in one day (Well, it’s just a matter of time)…

For all Twitter users, this Arduino sonar buzzer project will attract your attention here, as it’s related to PHP Twitter! To be honest, it’s a combination of Arduino and sonar, where is return your distance away from the computer and display on the screen. The farther you are away from the computer, the larger the text and the greener the screen. Otherwise, the text becomes smaller and redder on the screen, if you get closer to the computer!

In this project, you’ll need to interface a Maxbotix LV-EZ2 ultrasonic range finder to an Arduino Diecimilia alongside a generic buzzer. By using serproxy, you can channel serial data running through the computer to network traffic.

There is nothing more fun than twittering with this remarkable Arduino sonar buzzer. Remember to plug it on and feel the difference while you’re twittering with others Twitter users!

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