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The Amazing DIY Laser Harp

There are over hundred, maybe thousand types of music instruments in this world. Amongst the music instruments, which one you love it the most?

Honestly, most people will properly say, “Guitar, piano, violin, biola and blah, blah, blah…” Well, does anyone here ever know about the Harp?

Harp is a stringed instrument and it has the plane of its strings positioned perpendicular to the soundboard. According to the ancient history, harps had been invented in many parts of the world in remote prehistory! Believe it or not, the oldest harps has been discovered in Egypt, which its dated 4000 B.C.

Well, if you’re have the interest to build your own harp, why don’t you consider to create a “Laser harp”? It might sounds a little bit crazy, but you should try it on!

For building this laser harp, you must use an Arduino board to build the DAC system. By the way, the DAC system is the short acronym of “Digital to analogue Converter”, which is generates the signal that moves the mirror of the laser harp.


Beside that, you have to apply the SPI interface into the project, as it needed to connect to a DAC chip!

Guys, remember to enjoy the moment with this amazing laser harp.

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