The accessories make the phone

These days, everywhere you look people are on their phones.  We are the Smartphone Generation.  So many people use their phones for communication, entertainment, home management, business connections and more that those who don’t have a cell phone are often looked at as though they are stuck in the Dark Ages.

For those of us who are never without our phones, however, they go beyond their functional purposes.  They are a part of our identities.  They are an opportunity for an expression of personal style.  No one wants to have the same phone that everyone else on the block has.  That’s where companies who specialize in add-ons for your phone come in.  These accessories can take a straight-of-the-box phone and make it one of a kind.  There’s an accessory for every phone, for every statement you might want to make. 

But what about improving the functionality of your phone?  More than just making your phone look nice, many of these accessories (such as a lightning extension cable) are designed to make your phone work more effectively and to help it keep pace with your busy lifestyle.  Face plates, cellphone cases, bumpers and plugs designed to keep dust out of your phone’s jacks are all among the kinds of accessories that are available to protect your phone from dirt and dust as well as from being banged around in your purse or being accidentally dropped.

There are also products that are designed to help you get the most out of your phone no matter where life takes you.  For example, if you travel a lot for work you don’t want your phone to die at inopportune moment while you’re on the road, right?  There are mobile power sources and car battery chargers for that.  Or, what if you want to be able to use solar power to charge your phone?  There are solar-powered charging pads that work for that, too.  From charging docks and speakers that allow you to use your phone as a portable personal music source to extension cords and adapters that make charging your phone easier no matter where you are, there is an accessory for everything you want your phone to do.

Whether you are looking to add something to your phone to make it prettier, to make it stand out from others like it, to make a style statement, or just to make it work more efficiently and conveniently, there are many choices available for every make and model of smartphone out there.  The trick is to know exactly what kind of phone you have, and what your needs realistically are.  From there, you can have a little fun dressing up your phone and giving it its own personality while at the same time purchasing products that are designed to increase and extend the functionality of your phone.  Today’s smartphones work hard for us, and sometimes they need a little help to keep doing their jobs.  Fortunately, there are many sources available that specialize in just those types of things.

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  1. I think cell phones need to go modular. Though convincing companies to design a modular phone will be very hard because they will have to shift from selling us a new phone to selling us new modules. I have seen concept ideas on youtube and it makes sense. I have a 3 thousand dollar dslr camera so i could care less about my cell phone camera ,it would be great if i could exchange that camera module for more memory or an extra battery module.

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