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The 3D Arduino Scanner Will Spice Up Your Boring Life!

You love to show your creativity or ability in the home-based projects? Well, guess what! Maybe you can fill up your weekend time schedule, by using the spare time to create a useful 3D Arduino Scanner!

First of all, there’s a little bit different with this 3D Arduino Scanner with others. It uses the SHARP GP2Y0A02YK Long Distance Measuring Sensor as the main part. One of the main reasons why it’s being used for this project is it has less influence on the colors of the reflected objects and their reflectivity, due to optical triangle measuring method. Beside that, you won’t require an external control circuit, as the output can be connected directly to a microcomputer without further modification!


To be honest, the whole project is as easy as ABC, where it’s the combination of the Arduino, a couple of servos and of course, the SHARP GP2Y0A02YK Long Distance Measuring Sensor.

Try your best to put all those components together and it doesn’t waste you too much of time to do it, if you’re very familiar with the Arduino parts. Maybe, you can even set up the whole project in less than an hour!

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