The 32 Channel Logic Analyzer

You’re working in the electronic field that require you to observe and check out the digital system with precision, but you didn’t know the proper way to build it? If you’re having the difficulty, then today’s your lucky day, as we’re going to develop a 32 Channel Logic Analyzer!

For those who never get in touch with logic analyzer before, it is an electronic instrument displays signals in a digital circuit. Practically, they’re used for capturing data in systems, which is having too many channels to be examined with an oscilloscope. The software that running on the logic analyzer can be used to convert the captured data into timing diagrams, protocol decodes, assembly language and much more.

The 32 Channel Logic Analyzer

For your information, the logic analyzer that we’re building today is a 32 channels with 4K sample memory up to 100HMz and 16 channels up to 200MHz. Beside that, it included Java client application and allows waveform exploration (As well as SPI and I2C protocol analysis). The project has been optimized, so that it can run on the Butterfly Platform hardware without problem.

The logic analyzer is building on a FPGA technology, but it has the downfall, where it can only sample 1.2V, 2.5V and 3.3V. Hence, please keep in mind that any higher voltages can damage the input pins of the FPGA!

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