TFTLCD Menu interface for Arduino

Probably you know that programming nice menus take some coding time. When it comes to TFT LCD with a touch screen, it becomes even more time-consuming. To save precious time, Jeremy from thecustomgeek offers his ready to use open source menu interface designed for Arduino with TFT LCD. LCD with touch screen is one from Adafruit, which can be various layouts including Arduino shield or for a breakout board.

LCD is driven by using Lady Adas TFTLCD with touchscreen libraries. And now some of the menu features. It supports button screens that can be activated by touching them. Currently, there are 5 screens with 6 buttons in each of them. Menu titles and icons can be customized by changing several settings. There is a home icon for fast shortcuts to the main screen. There is also PWM controlled back-light and other modes that are stored in EEPROM to restore the last settings after power off.

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