Texas Instruments enters hobby market with cheap dev platform

There is quite a buzz these days about this development board. This is probably because of many cons and pros about it. But probably this is really good thing that TI company decided to make prototyping possible for everyone. We all know that MSP430 microcontroller has recommended their place due its low power consumption and this is why it is frequently found on various multimeters.

Anyway you can get a simple prototyping board only for $4.30 which includes DIP socket for MSP430 microcontroller with 2kB Flash, 128B of RAM, 10 GPIO, 1x 16-bit timer and more features. LaunchPad also has a mini-USB connector along with flash emulation circuitry that allows live flashing an emulation of projects. Also there are two programmable LEDs and buttons. I’d say this is great value for such price. Who know if its gonna last for long as they seem to be expanding towards more powerful devices. Probably one of cons for this is that LaunchPad isn’t compatible with Arduino shields. That would make it more attractive. Anyway give it a try – it still cost pennies.

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