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Temperature Controlled Cooker

Most of the cookers that come in the market are controlled by thermostat to provide auto cutoff functionality. However, this cooker provides a mixture of temperature and time based options to the user. These type of functionality is particularly missing in low cost cookers. Students of Cornell University have modified a commercially available electric cooker to complete their project. Cooker can be used for a variety of purposes ranging from simply boiling the perfect 6-minute soft-boiled egg to sous-vide cooking a piece of delicate white fish.


It uses a traditional thermal conduction method to cook food regardless of the cooking vessel’s material. It has three discrete modes of operation namely input, heating, and cooking mode. You can read more about each mode on the project website in detail. Analog potentiometers are used for setting the temperature and time which might have increased the project complexity. Also, in place of a regular LCD display, they have made their own display by segmenting LED’s. A tiny real timer kernel is used as the software which might have decreased the amount of flexibility while coding, but it ultimately made scheduling software tasks a lot easier.

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