Temperature and humidity logger

Just like me, there would be people who are interested in monitoring temperature every now and then. Well, then this project is just made for you. The project is all about building a temperature and humidity sensor which will log all the data to the pc from time to time basis. It uses a DHT11 sensor which is an integrated sensor for both temperature and humidity and has a calibrated-digital output. It works on SPI protocol which is hard to integrate with any 8-bit controller. Another advantage of the project is that it doesn’t require wires as all the components are ‘plug-and use’ type.

chipkit temperature logger

In this project, four pins of the DHT11 sensor is directly inserted into four I/O pins (7, 6, 5, and 4) of the Uno32 board. Writing firmware is easier with the use of the DHT11 library available for Arduino or chipKIT platform. The DHT11 library for Arduino was originally written by George Hadjikyriacou and was later modified by other people. On PC’s side, the open source programming language Processing is used to develop a graphical application to display the received temperature and humidity information. Processing is an open-source software development environment designed for simplifying the process of creating digital images, animations and interactive graphical applications.

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