Tearing Raspberry Pi Zero apart

Raspberry Pi Zero is really minimalist but yet powerful minicomputer featuring all necessary parts required to run Linux or other operating system. It features Broadcom BCM2835 processor at 1GHz, 512MB of DDR2 RAM, micro-SD slot, mini-HDMI capable to output 1080p60 video, micro USB for data and power, 40-pin GPIO, unpopulated composite video. All this fits in to 65mm x 30mm x 5mm form factor. Price for it is ridiculously low – $5. you may need micro-USB to USB adapter and HUB if you would like to have WiFi functionality, or connect keyboard. It is ideal small embedded Linux based board that is more power efficient than standard Raspberry Pi boards and still can run powerful control applications. Lets leave this topic to other debates.

electroupdate shared his video where he tears one Raspberry Pi Zero apart. Simply speaking there is nothing much to tear. But probably most interesting part is processor and memory sandwiching called package on package (POP). This great solution to squeeze several chips in to small space. In other hand this practically takes out any chances to upgrade system.

He peels of memory chip and in the bottom there is a processor – he even puts die under microscope where part number and whole processor circuitry is visible. Then he moves to other parts of PCB including silkscreen markings where some interesting information can be extracted. This is really interesting to look at Raspberry Pi from different perspective and learn something interesting on how ingenious engineering has been involved here.

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