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Taipan game recreated on Arduino

Taipan is an epic turn-based strategy game developed for the Apple II in 1982. If you played this game and feel sentimental about it then check out an Arduino version of exact replica. Simon has taken the challenge to port it in to Arduino as he states it would be better to choose more powerful microcontroller as end design ended with two Arduino – one for game play and another for controlling displays.

The game runs on a small LCD but also has option to display on bigger TV using RCA socket. Game is controlled with custom keypad designed as resistor based voltage divider connected to single microcontroller ADC input. Game also supports sounds recreated as in original game. Having two Arduino board didn’t save from using additional external I2C EEPROM where game strings are stored.

The electronics is powered by 8 AA Ni-MH batteries with charger included. Game is housed inside carved original Tai-Pan book. It surely adds non arguable value.

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