This Ham Radio Repeater Locator is Not For Locating Hams!

When someone talking about “ham”, most people will react that it must be related with the foods! Well, you might be right most of the time, but you got it wrong this time. This Ham Radio Repeater Locator has nothing to do with the “ham”, but it is much important for detecting the locations and communication purposes! Do you know that over the years, the amateur radio “ham” community has successfully built numerous repeaters at many strategic locations all across the United States and worldwide? These repeaters allow the amateurs to communicate over in a longer distance, by using the normally line-of-sight two-meter amateur band, which it mostly from 144 MHz to 148 MHz! It would be an ultimate fun experience to have a 2-meter long transceiver in the car, especially when you’re driving in long distance. The Ham Radio Repeater Locator is consists a “ZiLOG” microcomputer with the accurate locations and frequencies of several thousand repeaters. All the data are being stored safely in its flash memory. This is how the Ham Radio Repeater Locator works: First of all,… Continue reading