Monitoring Xbox Live activity of your friends

If you like playing Xbox games with your friends on-line then this project might be interesting to you. This is an arduino based traffic lights beacon that indicates when your friends connects to Xbox Live and are ready to play. So you don’t have to check this manually green light tells you to grab joystick controller and start playing. As we mentioned, this is Arduino based stand with WIZnet W5100 network adapter. Simple API allows checking friends online status without using any authentication. Traffic lights has three diodes. So every one indicates different status. If Red is lit, then there are no friends online, if Orange – there is one friend and if Green is on, then there are two or more friends connected – means it’s time for fun. BTW, there are three meters attached to same traffic lights stand. They are indicating other importan’t data like download speed, download % and monthly download. But there should be another write about this. Continue reading