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Wrist-Watch for Nerds

This wrist watch, made by Elia, is a binary based wrist watch i.e. displays time in binary digits and is small in size. The yellow-color LED’s for the digits perfectly suits the watch and also is compatible with the OSHPark PCB, which is a custom PCB-board manufacturer. Another interesting fact about the watch is the strap which is paracord bracelet along with a buckle. The steps to make the buckle are easily available on the internet. The watch is powered by the PIC microcontroller which comes with a SSOP package. Along with the PIC, it also has an on-board ‘real time clock’. Moreover, it also features a sleep mode in which there is no display and consumes only 150uW of power. There can be additional power saving by pulling the… Continue reading

Microdot – The Futuristic Wrist Watch LED Timepiece!

Microdot is not a very familiar device, even though in this modern 21st century. Honestly, microdot is some kind of text or an image that substantially reduced in size onto a 1mm disc to prevent detection by unintended recipients. The traditional microdots are usually circular around one millimeter in diameter. However, it can be made into many different shapes and sizes. According to the history, a Parisian photographer named Dagron used a photographic shrinking technique to permit each pigeon to carry a high volume of messages. It’s known as the creation of the first Microdot. After that, the actual microdot technique was used for steganographic purposes in Germany between World War I and World War II. Then, it was later used by many countries to pass messages through insecure postal… Continue reading