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It’s Time to Have a Chess Game With Robochess!

Many chess players, especially those advanced level chess players are very hard to find those competitors that have same level skill. Hence, many of them are overjoyed, if they’ve found someone that have the equivalent chess playing skill with them! Well, if you’re one of the talented chess players and having some difficulty to search for the opponents, then you should consider to build an artificial intelligent Chess playing robot, which is known as “Robochess”. By the way, don’t think that the chess playing robot is one of the late 20th century inventions, as there’s a chess playing machine called “The Turk” has been constructed in the late of 18th century! Wolfgang von Kempelen (1734-1804), the proud inventor of The Turk has built the automation chess player to impress the Empress Maria Theresa. Guys, this is how the Robochess works: First of all, it recognizes the opponent’s movements. Then, it analyzes the next move. After it, it automatically picks up one of the pieces and moves them. Lastly, the result will be displaying in LCD. This Robochess is built based… Continue reading