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The USB Auxiliary Display is Superb!

Have you ever thought to develop a USB auxiliary display by your own? Ok, you might think it’s going to be a very tough project, but you’ve the wrong impression about it! Many people have created million of auxiliary displays for computers and most of them are for commercial use! The majority of them are serial port based, and many of the ones that are USB based use a USB to serial converter. There are mostly expose the display to Windows through a virtual COM port. The display that you’re going to create here is uses the PIC18F4550 with WinUSB and it don’t expose a virtual COM port at all! Basically, the display itself is a 128×64 parallel graphical model GDM12864H from SparkFun. The display will include a keypad and a bright backlight. As a result, it’s capable of displaying text, in either horizontal or vertical mode, and it can running in a pure graphical mode if you want it to be! Since the PIC18F4550 is used to control the display and scan the keypad, thus both the PIC and… Continue reading

It’s Ping Pong Time!

Are you a Ping Pong lover? Would you mind to play the Ping Pong all day long? Oops, hold on a second! What I tried to mean here is the PingPong-CDC, which it’s needs to use frequency hopping techniques to create a bidirectional link, but not the real Ping Pong sport that you making you sweat lol This PingPong-CDC project is a homebrew USB frequency hopping spread spectrum RF modem (FHSS). Basically, the modem is based on the Microchip PIC18F2550 and the Semtec XE1205 RF module. The module doesn’t include any MAC or protocol layer and that’s what this project tries to implement. The main purpose of this project is to demonstrate how to write a FHSS MAC layer and apply USB into this project to interface it with a PC through CDC and WinUSB! The non hard-wired feature has making the protocol becoming easier to change or modify the software to experiment with some of the different protocols. Beside that, a utility for pairing and configuring modems is included as well. Since this is a simple to develop electronic… Continue reading