Wiimote Firefighting Robot is Beyond Your Imagination!

Can you imagine what the robot is going to look like, if you build it with the Wiimote and I2C? Well, if you want to find out the truth, then it’s about time to have some real fun here… To be honest, this is a very cool project, where the Wiimote can be used to make a perfect control system for a firefighting robot. Don’t underestimate the Wiimote, as it able to send and receive Bluetooth commands instantly. Thus, many home hobbyists starting to use it, as it could be an ideal choice for low cost Bluetooth transceiver! Instead of the above feature, it also has IR sensor that can detect a candle and a Bluetooth transceiver to communicate back to a host computer. This means that the Wiimote will use the IR sensor to find the location of candle. It transmits the sensor reading back to the host computer over Bluetooth. For your information, the C program running on the host computer is reading the sensor data and sends command back through Bluetooth to the Wiimote. Since the Wiimote‚Ķ Continue reading