Arduino based WebRadio player

Vassilis Serasidis always creates great embedded projects. This time he introduced Arduino based WebRadio player. This particular one uses Arduino Pro Mini which interfaces VS1053 MP3 -AAC – WMA audio codec chip module. For internet connectivity he used pretty standard ENC28J60 Ethernet module. Visual feedback is on 84×48 Nokia 5110 LCD. Since internet is full of radio stations that broadcast music, you can use a bit of your bandwidth and listen to radio. This may be useful in places where radio reception is bad like in basement, or garage workspace. This WebRadio has 14 predefined stations that can be changed while reprogramming Arduino. It is set to play at 64-kbps sound stream. This is done because of RAM small buffer on Arduino. It seemed to best option for flawless play. Tests indicate that it is capable of playing up to 320kbps from local network. Continue reading

ARM based WebRadio

Probably many of you are listening to the Internet radio from local streams or other WebRadio streams. But mostly radio is played from PC by using like WinAmp or other media player. So why not to have a dedicated WebRadio box for this. [Andreas] has suggested his WebRadio project built of ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller and VS1053 audio codec IC. It supports following audio formats: MP3, AAC, WMA, Ogg and doesn’t need an external power source as it is powered over Ethernet (PoE). Project is really very neat and professionally looking. Also don’t forget to check out WebRadio based on AVR microcontroller. Continue reading