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Wearable Bidirectional Stepper Motor – The Best Altimeter for Skydivers!

People have many different types of hobbies, and we can divide it into two major types: Indoor and outdoor. Well, for some people who enjoy the outdoor activities, such as bungee jump or skydiving, it’s very important to know the know and measure the actual height of the current altitude, before we’re starting the jump! If you’re one of those who enjoy this extreme sport, maybe this Wearable Bidirectional Stepper Motor would be a perfect device for you! Technically, the main purpose of the device is to provide the altitude indication for those who loving skydiving activity. First of all, the altitude indication for such an instrument must have these characteristics: Clear, and The user can read the data easily. In this case, a mechanical pointer is known as the best type of indicator, instead of an LCD display! Please keep in mind that the pointer mechanism must able to move equally well, in either clockwise, anticlockwise or both directions. Furthermore, it can be used to show altitude on the way up or on the way down! Continue reading